Michael Borgers – Passionate Freelancer

How can I help?

There are really only 2 things that matter. Living the life you want and helping others accomplish the same.

So let me repeat the headline: How can I help you today? Throughout the years I managed to support thousand of test-takers to get their certification, whether that means passing a technical exam like TOGAF, Scrum, or Information security or a language test like the HSK. I developed an exam simulation software in Unity and made it available on all platforms and many 5-star reviews have shown that this helped people to pass the test.

This app works together with a WordPress plugin which I also developed that leads me to another passion of mine: developing websites.

If you are looking to start a blog (like my ImproveStudyHabits) or open an online shop and sell anything like my tribute to my hometown (Bokeltse.de) drop me a line, I can help you with that either by doing it for you or consulting and teaching you how to do it yourself.